Lessons for mom: how to become one’s own among the child’s friends?

Mothers very often do not have time to follow the daily hustle and bustle of those with whom their children are friends in the yard and at school, or they know the child’s friends only by face and by name.

Psychologists say that this is not enough, and recommend trying to get to know your child’s friends better, or even to build friendly relations with them. This will be a great insurance against some unpleasant surprises and will be a reliable way to get to know your child even better. Next, we will look at several steps that will help not only to separate your son or daughter from the comrades, but also to establish relations with your own child.

Step 1. Find out all the news firsthand

The first thing to do is to make it a rule to ask your child daily not only what grades he received at school and how he behaved, but also to be interested in the latest news. “Katya has a puppy, Anya is going to go to camp, and Maxim and Vasya have a fight!” — these minor events will help to understand what the kids are living at the moment.

Step 2. Little guests in your house

Many parents do not approve of the company of children at home: “It’s better to play outside. There is nothing to sit in the house!”. However, no matter how wonderful it is in the yard, sometimes kids want to get together at home to chat, play a new computer game or watch cartoons. After all, not every new toy can be taken out into the yard. And sometimes I just want to brag.

No need to deny them this! After all, it’s much easier to keep the kids under control and you will have a real chance to become a trusted person among them. At the same time, you should not sit in the kitchen all the time! You can, for example, sometimes bring them something sweet for a snack, offer help or participate in a conversation. This way you will be able to gain the trust of the children.

Step 3. Rest

If you decide to go with your child to a museum, theater, game center or even to the country, then you can easily invite your best friend to go with you. The main thing is to ask the child’s parents for permission! Such joint activities and pastimes will give you new topics for general conversations. Over time, from mom, you can become a real like-minded person and even a friend for children.

Step 4. Help

There are some problems that children are afraid or shy to talk about with their parents. If you see that something has happened to the baby, then you can safely offer your advice or help. After all, friends always do that!

Scientists have determined that the Earth is cooling much faster than previously thought

Our planet is constantly cooling down, despite numerous conversations about global warming. The reason for this is not the human influence on the environment, but natural processes that have been going on for millions of years.

This information has been known in the scientific community for a long time. It turns out that the Earth cools down 1.5 times faster than previously thought.

Our planet has been cooling down for more than 4.5 billion years, since it first formed. Initially, the Earth was mostly filled with incandescent magma, which later cooled down and became the basis for tectonic plates.

Scientists were aware that the planet Earth was gradually cooling down, but the question remained open: how fast is this happening?
It turns out that a mineral called bridgmanite has been studied. This mineral is part of the intermediate layer of the Earth. Scientists have learned that bridgmanite has a high thermal conductivity, which is evidence that the cooling of the Earth will occur one and a half times faster than scientists previously thought.

Good news for your stomach: you can eat in the evening, just following the basic rules

Do you follow the rule that you can not have lunch after 17 or 18 hours? Time does not matter, something else is important.
If you had dinner at 17:00 and went to bed after 2 hours, it would be natural. However, if you go to bed at midnight, you definitely shouldn’t starve for so long. The statement that if we want to lose weight, after 17 or 6 pm we should not eat anything is just a very common myth. According to the world-famous nutritionist Manuel Villacort, in general this is not the case. A balanced late dinner is often more natural.

Follow other rules

During the day, we should consume 70% of calories, and the remaining 30% for dinner. Before going to bed, you need to give the body enough time to digest food. It is recommended to eat the last meal from 90 minutes to 2 hours before bedtime. We will not be full and we will not be hungry. Then we’d better go to sleep. We won’t be hungry at night and we won’t wake up tired and weak in the morning. With an empty stomach, we will not be able to maintain the digestive tract, including the liver, when the body cannot sufficiently regenerate, process energy and accumulate fat reserves.

How to share food

Some people like to eat 1.5 hours before bedtime, others – 2-3 hours before bedtime. If we go to bed around 22:00, you can eat at 19:00, and if we go to bed at midnight, dinner can be at 21:00. A good solution is a second dinner, when we can eat 2 smaller dinners. The first at 18:00, the second at 21:00. Then you need to save carbohydrates and it is best to do without them. Eat a few slices of ham or low-fat cheese and some vegetables without bread. If you find it difficult to digest raw vegetables, they can be smothered or lightly fried.

Light dinner

Instead of risotto or spaghetti, mix vegetables with a piece of cheese, ham, egg or tuna. Choose low-carb vegetables such as cauliflower, eggplant, squash or pumpkin. If that’s not enough for you, add legumes. They contain a lot of protein and saturate. Add cumin, fennel, basil, marjoram or rosemary to prevent bloating.

The crying center appeared in Spain

Spain has its own “crying rooms”, where visitors can properly pour out their soul, “blow off steam” and cry 100%! Do we need such “crying rooms” in Russia? Many believe that there is no need for this, since supermarkets and shopping centers have been performing such a role in the Russian Federation for a long time, where everyone can cry for a month ahead just by looking at the price tags.

As for Spain, we are talking about a psychological support center, which has opened in the very center of Madrid. People experiencing certain psychological problems are waiting here. There is also social support for everyone.

Visitors can visit a special room where they can talk to a psychologist or another person in need of communication by phone. And, of course, here you can pour out your soul and cry if you really want to. There is nothing shameful about it.

A group of psychologists worked on the interiors and rooms of the center. Their main task was to make sure that a person did not feel constrained here, did not keep emotions to himself and was at home.

The room consists of several zones in which there are small rooms. There are signs at the entrance to the rooms: “Come in and cry!”. For complete relaxation, visitors are invited to immerse themselves in a bath with plastic balls and call one of the numbers to a psychologist or the same person in need of communication and support.

State of emergency in Ottawa. This is a response to the protests that have been going on for more than a week

Authorities in the Canadian capital declared a state of emergency on Sunday in connection with more than a week of demonstrations in Ottawa against the obligation to vaccinate drivers crossing the border and restrictions related to the pandemic.

Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson declared a state of emergency on Sunday afternoon local time, calling the current situation “the most serious crisis the city has ever faced.”

“The declaration of a state of emergency reflects the serious danger and threats to the safety of residents emanating from the ongoing demonstrations, and also indicates the need to support other levels of government,” the statement said. As specified, the state of emergency basically means the possibility of more uninterrupted management of services for residents or the execution of necessary orders.

Earlier, the Ottawa police announced that “anyone who tries to provide any form of support (for example, gasoline) to the demonstrators will be arrested.” This refers to the delivery of fuel cans for trucks parked on the streets of Ottawa, as the media has repeatedly written about.

Protests by opponents of the restrictions, calling themselves the “Freedom Convoy,” are now taking place in many Canadian cities, starting ten days ago, first against the ban on unvaccinated truck drivers crossing borders. The ban was introduced by both Canadian and American deputies.

The Metropolitan Police has been criticized for allowing, in the words of Ontario Premier Doug Ford, the “occupation” of the city. According to Ottawa police on Sunday, residents have reported problems 650 times since the protests began, and only 450 noise fines have been issued since Saturday. 97 criminal cases have also been initiated.

On Sunday in Quebec at 5 p.m. local time, police ordered truck drivers to leave the city center. Earlier it was announced about the application of fines and the evacuation of cars. And in Toronto, the police on Sunday, as on Saturday, blocked the entrance to the central streets. On Saturday, two men were arrested near the Ontario Parliament on charges of assault with a weapon.

What is lactic acid and what to use it for

In modern production, it is very common to find various food additives used to create a particular product. But this does not mean at all that such products cannot be trusted. After all, they actually have all the useful properties that lactic acid is endowed with.

In order to find out what useful properties lactic acid or food additive E-270 has, you need to know how it is synthesized. In the human body, this component occurs in the transverse muscle tissue when a person ate something sweet before training.

Lactic acid is also actively used for the production of products such as fish, meat, confectionery and others. At the same time, it is lactic acid that is responsible for the taste, and sometimes for the sweet notes of your favorite treats. The technologies of purification and phase separation currently used help to obtain a higher quality final product. In this regard, it is safe to say that any more or less serious changes in the production technology of a particular food product require the most scrupulous attitude to everything related to it. In this regard, it is extremely important to monitor the quality of lactic acid.

Few people know, but lactic acid is also used in the production of some beers. So we can definitely say about the high level of importance of this product. In addition, they speak with confidence about its universality, which by itself is not such news. Among other things, it should be noted that the maximum degree of readiness for food production depends on the technologies used.

Belgium’s economy is developing slower than all European countries

No European country this year will develop economically slower than Belgium, the Belgian magazine The Bulletin reports, citing data from the European Commission.

The EC predicts that the average growth rate of the European economy (including both the eurozone and non-EU countries) this year will be 4%.

In Belgium, this growth will be 2.7% – which makes it the slowest developing country on the list. At the same time, inflation in this country is expected to be 4.3% and will be higher than the average of 3.5% for the euro area.

The EC report also talks about Belgium’s energy problems and that the government is taking various measures to combat rising electricity and gas prices.

“With exceptionally high electricity and gas prices, a gradual decline in energy prices is expected in the fourth quarter of 2021 and the first quarter of 2022.”

Experts recommend that passengers do not agree to take temperature measurements at airports

The online edition of Express published the opinion of a group of experts, according to which passengers are categorically not recommended to measure the temperature at airports. There is nothing traumatic or fatal in this procedure, but the psyche may suffer, because you may be unreasonably not allowed on the plane, suspecting that you are sick with coronavirus. But at the same time, you won’t even have a common cold. According to most scientists, a high temperature does not mean that a person is sick with Covid-19 or has a cold. There are dozens of other reasons.

Experts doubt the effectiveness of thermal screening, because obtaining accurate data requires, at a minimum, that a person stops in one place, and they measure the temperature at airports, as a rule, when a person is on the move, which eventually results in mistakes: healthy people are not allowed on the plane, and a potential carrier of coronavirus calmly boards.

As for the high temperature, it can be caused by side effects of medications, menopause, or even stress.

What should passengers who were not allowed on the plane because of suspected coronavirus infection do? Here, experts advise only to buy extended insurance that can cover such risks.