Lessons for mom: how to become one’s own among the child’s friends?

Lessons for mom: how to become one’s own among the child’s friends?

Mothers very often do not have time to follow the daily hustle and bustle of those with whom their children are friends in the yard and at school, or they know the child’s friends only by face and by name.

Psychologists say that this is not enough, and recommend trying to get to know your child’s friends better, or even to build friendly relations with them. This will be a great insurance against some unpleasant surprises and will be a reliable way to get to know your child even better. Next, we will look at several steps that will help not only to separate your son or daughter from the comrades, but also to establish relations with your own child.

Step 1. Find out all the news firsthand

The first thing to do is to make it a rule to ask your child daily not only what grades he received at school and how he behaved, but also to be interested in the latest news. «Katya has a puppy, Anya is going to go to camp, and Maxim and Vasya have a fight!» — these minor events will help to understand what the kids are living at the moment.

Step 2. Little guests in your house

Many parents do not approve of the company of children at home: «It’s better to play outside. There is nothing to sit in the house!». However, no matter how wonderful it is in the yard, sometimes kids want to get together at home to chat, play a new computer game or watch cartoons. After all, not every new toy can be taken out into the yard. And sometimes I just want to brag.

No need to deny them this! After all, it’s much easier to keep the kids under control and you will have a real chance to become a trusted person among them. At the same time, you should not sit in the kitchen all the time! You can, for example, sometimes bring them something sweet for a snack, offer help or participate in a conversation. This way you will be able to gain the trust of the children.

Step 3. Rest

If you decide to go with your child to a museum, theater, game center or even to the country, then you can easily invite your best friend to go with you. The main thing is to ask the child’s parents for permission! Such joint activities and pastimes will give you new topics for general conversations. Over time, from mom, you can become a real like-minded person and even a friend for children.

Step 4. Help

There are some problems that children are afraid or shy to talk about with their parents. If you see that something has happened to the baby, then you can safely offer your advice or help. After all, friends always do that!