The online edition of Express published the opinion of a group of experts, according to which passengers are categorically not recommended to measure the temperature at airports. There is nothing traumatic or fatal in this procedure, but the psyche may suffer, because you may be unreasonably not allowed on the plane, suspecting that you are sick with coronavirus. But at the same time, you won’t even have a common cold. According to most scientists, a high temperature does not mean that a person is sick with Covid-19 or has a cold. There are dozens of other reasons.

Experts doubt the effectiveness of thermal screening, because obtaining accurate data requires, at a minimum, that a person stops in one place, and they measure the temperature at airports, as a rule, when a person is on the move, which eventually results in mistakes: healthy people are not allowed on the plane, and a potential carrier of coronavirus calmly boards.

As for the high temperature, it can be caused by side effects of medications, menopause, or even stress.

What should passengers who were not allowed on the plane because of suspected coronavirus infection do? Here, experts advise only to buy extended insurance that can cover such risks.

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