The crying center appeared in Spain

The crying center appeared in Spain

Spain has its own «crying rooms», where visitors can properly pour out their soul, «blow off steam» and cry 100%! Do we need such «crying rooms» in Russia? Many believe that there is no need for this, since supermarkets and shopping centers have been performing such a role in the Russian Federation for a long time, where everyone can cry for a month ahead just by looking at the price tags.

As for Spain, we are talking about a psychological support center, which has opened in the very center of Madrid. People experiencing certain psychological problems are waiting here. There is also social support for everyone.

Visitors can visit a special room where they can talk to a psychologist or another person in need of communication by phone. And, of course, here you can pour out your soul and cry if you really want to. There is nothing shameful about it.

A group of psychologists worked on the interiors and rooms of the center. Their main task was to make sure that a person did not feel constrained here, did not keep emotions to himself and was at home.

The room consists of several zones in which there are small rooms. There are signs at the entrance to the rooms: «Come in and cry!». For complete relaxation, visitors are invited to immerse themselves in a bath with plastic balls and call one of the numbers to a psychologist or the same person in need of communication and support.