Стройматериалы для удачного ремонта

Если вы решили сделать ремонт, то, помимо квалифицированных рабочих, различных инструкций и знаний, вам понадобятся стройматериалы. Нередко, с выбором крупногабаритных материалов вам могут помочь рабочие, однако, зачастую, выбор малогабаритных стройматериалов ложится на ваши плечи.

Выбор стройматериалов

Выбор стройматериалов на современном рынке настолько обширен, что просто глаза разбегаются! Современные материалы различаются качеством, ценой, производителями и многим другим. Узнать специфику маркировки, подготовки, область применения и другие особенности того или иного стройматериала можно изучив специальную документацию, которая к ним прилагается. Наиболее востребованными малогабаритными стройматериалами можно назвать:

– различные клеевые составы, которые применяются при отделке плиткой, гипсокартоном и другими материалами;
– лакокрасочная продукция, применяемая как при внутренней отделке помещений, так и при внешней;
– смеси для декорирования и выравнивания полов, а так же подложки под ламинат;
– песок и цемент;
– материалы для гидроизоляции;
– шпатлевки и штукатурки, обычные и декоративные;
– материалы для утепления;
– крепежные материалы (гвозди, дюбели и прочее);
– гипсокартон, оцинкованные листы железа, рубероид;
– плинтуса и различные материалы из древесины (ДВП, ОСБ);
– смеси для герметизации (противопожарная огнестойкая монтажная пена, герметики и жидкие гвозди).

The “cheap” GeForce RTX 3050 graphics card will be available with a different amount of memory

Already in January, we should see the presentation of new hardware from Nvidia at CES, and one of them should be the new cheap desktop model of the GeForce RTX 3050 video card at the moment.

According to information leaked on Twitter, Nvidia is preparing two different versions of the GeForce RTX 3050. One will have 8 GB of memory, and the other will have only 4 GB of memory, most likely of the GDDR6 type. In both cases, a 128-bit interface with a bandwidth of 224 GB /s should be used.

Both cards should have GA106 8nm chips manufactured at Samsung factories, but the number of cuda cores will be slightly different. The GeForce RTX 3050 with 8 GB of memory should have 2560 cuda cores, and the model with 4 GB of memory should be slightly smaller than 2304 cores. This is also due to the different number of cores tracking beams (20 vs. 18). The TDP on both models should be only 90 watts.

The launch is expected at the end of January, but the question still remains – how will the availability and the real price compare with the recommended ones? Considering that the GeForce RTX 3060 also costs about 76 thousand rubles in our country, we can expect from 45 to 60 thousand rubles.

Taiwan’s new sanctions prevent the export of processors with a clock frequency above 25 MHz to Russia

New sanctions from Taiwan have cut Russia off from the world’s largest manufacturer of chips, for the most part — Taiwan allows only chips with a clock frequency of up to 25 MHz and a performance of 5 GFLOP to be exported to Russia. The sanctions will also affect other high-tech products.

Russia’s special operation in Ukraine has been going on for more than three months. According to DigiTimes, Taiwan is currently tightening sanctions against the country and its allies to prevent Russia or Belarus from importing high-tech products that may end up in military equipment.

In particular, the sanctions relate to goods of categories 3 to 9 of the Wassenaar Arrangement, which were created in 1996 and signed by 42 countries. Due to the age of this agreement, the criteria defined at that time seem much more stringent today, since processors with a clock frequency of 25 MHz, 144 pins, a data transfer rate of 2.5 MB/s and a nominal computing power of 5 GFLOP could have been usable 26. years ago. In 2022, however, this means that the export of chips will be almost completely stopped.

To prevent a shortage of critical goods, the government has given permission for the so-called “parallel import”, which makes it possible to circumvent sanctions without violating the law. View the list of parallel imports 2022 can be found at the link earlier. Such measures are designed to prevent the shutdown of production in the most strategically important industries. In addition to electronics, it includes spare parts for the automotive industry, smartphones and household appliances, as well as pharmaceutical products, personal hygiene products, shoes, clothing and so on.

It is worth noting, however, that first of all, Russia is losing the opportunity to receive chips or equipment for the production of chips from the world’s largest foundry TSMC. Although this severely limits the ability of Russian companies and the government to develop and manufacture high-tech products, Russian enterprises can still rely on SMIC manufacturing in China and, to a limited extent, Samsung in Korea. The Russian chip manufacturer MCST is most likely struggling primarily with the fact that it can no longer import the appropriate equipment from Taiwan, which is likely to slow down the development of domestic chip production.

A wedding bakery has become a victim of a fraudster

Seattle wedding companies are increasingly being bullied by unknown scammers. Kathleen Battiste works in a small bakery near the Everett house. In the afternoon, a strange customer called her. She realized that the caller had used some kind of voice-altering device. The speaker identified himself as Stephen Nicole and said he would like to order a wedding cake. Kathleen asked him to send the order by email. The order looked rather strange. “It was supposed to be a five-storey wedding cake with pink roses for 300 people, with the inscription “Happy married life,” says Battiste. Exactly the same order was received two weeks ago by another city bakery – Bellingham. The cake was cooked for 45 hours, but no one took it away.

The first order came from the same email address. The investigation that began revealed that similar cases occurred in different bakeries across the country. “Scammers are sending out large orders for cakes for 300 people everywhere, although there are actually no weddings,” says Kristin Alexander, a spokeswoman for the Washington State Attorney General. Sometimes the crooks even partially paid for the cake using stolen or fake credit cards. But the fraudster himself, named Steven Nicole, definitely does not have cash. Apparently, at the moment he has left the country and is hiding somewhere.

For the sake of experiment, the girls made their young men wax hair removal

Sometimes men do not even realize what the fairer sex is doing to achieve an ideal appearance. We decided to conduct an experiment that will allow men to assess what torments women have to experience in order to please the gentlemen.

Three girls decided to try their hand as a guru of the beauty industry, and at the same time to take revenge on the male sex for all past insults. Under the strict guidance of an experienced instructor, they performed a complete epilation of the intimate areas of their guys.

Of course, the reaction turned out to be quite predictable: the guys shouted out loud, squirmed and tried to escape from the gentle hands of their charming inquisitors. Later, the subjects stated that they would never voluntarily subject their tender body parts to such torture. In addition, men reported that the bravery of their second halves and the torments that women go through to achieve love and attention are worthy of real respect.

Bitcoin has significant growth potential, according to the head of research at Fidelity

According to the head of the Fidelity research sector, the value of bitcoin lies in the decentralization of the network, which is resistant to various external influences. The expert compared the coin to the invention of the wheel, saying that this network is the safest and best in the world.

He added that currently there are cryptocurrencies that have great potential, but with high risks.

In the future, the crypto currency will remain a fundamental part of the entire blockchain ecosystem, the expert believes.

The expert noted that other crypto assets have value because they can be tied to it in some way. He also stressed that the flagship asset has been alive for 13 years and during this time the risks of investing in it are decreasing. At the same time, the potential of the first cryptocurrency has not yet been disclosed, the head noted.

Bitcoin has been causing mixed feelings among users in recent weeks. Some analysts are talking about a possible reduction in the price of the main cryptocurrency, but the bulk of JPMorgan clients believe that BTC will break through the price of $ 60,000 this year, 40.9% are inclined to the price of $ 80,000, 5% are thinking about increasing the price to $ 100,000.

Рекордное количество заражений коронавирусом в Южной Корее, США не советуют посещать эту страну

В Южной Корее за последние сутки выявлено 57 177 случаев заражения коронавирусом — это самый высокий показатель с начала эпидемии. Скончался 61 пациент с COVID-19 — это максимальное суточное число инфицированных с 19 января.

Из-за эпидемии — ударной волны, вызванной передачей Omikron варианта коронавируса — США советуют своим гражданам не ездить в Южную Корею.

Количество инфекций, выявленных в Корее, сейчас в 12 раз выше, чем в середине января 2022 года, когда Омикрон стал доминирующим вариантом вируса в Южной Корее.
Центры Соединенных Штатов по контролю и профилактике заболеваний (CDC) подняли уровень риска при поездках в Корею до четвертого. CDC призывают американцев избегать поездок в страну и сделать полную вакцинацию против COVID-19.

Пак Хян, представитель министерства здравоохранения Южной Кореи, подчеркивает, что система здравоохранения страны стабильна. В настоящее время изъято 27 % коек в отделениях интенсивной терапии, предназначенных для пациентов с вирусом.

Власти выражают надежду, что высокий процент привитых третьей дозой вакцины (ее приняли 58% из 51 млн населения страны) защитит систему здравоохранения от перегрузки.

В феврале власти планируют начать вакцинацию жителей домов престарелых четвертой дозой.

Frank-Walter Steinmeier elected President of Germany

The Federal Assembly of Germany re-elected Frank-Walter Steinmeier as president of the country.

Steinmeier fought for re-election with Gerhard Trabert, a candidate from the left, Stephanie Gebauer, a conservative, and Max Otte, a candidate from the right-wing populist AdG.

The President of Germany is elected by the Federal Assembly, which meets only for this purpose. It consists of 736 deputies of the Bundestag and 736 people nominated by the parliaments of the federal states.

1,425 valid votes were cast.

As predicted, Steinmeier won without problems — he scored 73.33% of the vote.
Max Otto was supported by 9.82%, Trabert – 6.74% and Gebauer – 4.07%.

Глава Prosper Trading Academy рассказал о своем прогнозе по биткоину

По мнению руководителя компании Prosper Trading С. Бауэра, главная криптовалюта будет торговаться в диапазоне 30000 — 50000$.

Бауэр считает, что в последнее время цена BTC коррелировалась в основном с инфляцией и повышением ставок ФРС.

После выхода информации от BLS об увеличении инфляции до 7,3%, он назвал этот показатель самым большим с 1981 года и цена главной криптовалюты понизилась почти на 2%. При этом доходы на облигации выросли на 2%.

Вместе с тем руководитель заявил, что в текущем году ФРС повышать ставки в 7 или 8 раз не будет и в марте вряд ли возможен рост на 50 пунктов. Эксперт дополнил, что крупные инвесторы продолжат накопление монет, в случае падения.

NASA expressed concern about the satellite program of SpaceX

Currently, the US Space Agency (NASA) is monitoring 25 thousand objects in orbit around the Earth, but due to the plans of SpaceX, owned by American billionaire Elon Musk, their number may double, which could have serious consequences.

The American Space Agency (NASA) has expressed concern about the implementation of the Starlink satellite program of the private company SpaceX. In a letter sent to the Federal Communications Commission, the U.S. agency responsible for communications lines and satellites, the space agency said: “NASA is concerned about the potential increase in the number of collisions and the potential impact on scientific unmanned and manned space missions.”

SpaceX, owned by Tesla founder and multi-billionaire Elon Musk, has already received the appropriate permission from the authorities to launch 12 thousand satellites designed to provide access to broadband Internet in remote areas of the world. In addition, the company also submitted an application for approval of another 30 thousand satellites of the 2nd generation within the framework of the Starlink program.

“The number of tracked objects will double,” NASA officials say. According to them, the implementation of the Starlink program will more than double the number of objects monitored in Earth orbit and more than 5 times increase the number of objects at a distance of less than 600 km from the Earth’s surface. According to the space agency, at the moment a total of 25 thousand objects are regularly monitored in orbit around the Earth, of which about 6,100 are located at a distance of less than 600 km from the Earth’s surface. SpaceX has not responded to the statement of the space agency in the short term.

Astrophysicist Jonathan McDowell, who is a member of the American Astronomical Society, also stressed that he would be concerned about the increase in the number of satellites interfering with astronomical observations. In his opinion, it makes sense to first gain more experience with several thousand satellites before increasing their number to several tens of thousands.

The risk of collisions of satellites and other space objects in orbit around the Earth is also increasing due to the fact that competing companies such as Amazon and Dish Network are also working on their own satellite programs. They realize that overlapping orbits can lead to a sharp increase in risks.

In mid-January, Elon Musk wrote on his Twitter page that 1,469 Starlink satellites are currently active, and the remaining 272 will soon be put into orbit.

Earlier it was reported that on Tuesday, February 8, SpaceX representatives reported that 40 new Starlink satellites crashed due to a solar storm.