According to the head of the Fidelity research sector, the value of bitcoin lies in the decentralization of the network, which is resistant to various external influences. The expert compared the coin to the invention of the wheel, saying that this network is the safest and best in the world.

He added that currently there are cryptocurrencies that have great potential, but with high risks.

In the future, the crypto currency will remain a fundamental part of the entire blockchain ecosystem, the expert believes.

The expert noted that other crypto assets have value because they can be tied to it in some way. He also stressed that the flagship asset has been alive for 13 years and during this time the risks of investing in it are decreasing. At the same time, the potential of the first cryptocurrency has not yet been disclosed, the head noted.

Bitcoin has been causing mixed feelings among users in recent weeks. Some analysts are talking about a possible reduction in the price of the main cryptocurrency, but the bulk of JPMorgan clients believe that BTC will break through the price of $ 60,000 this year, 40.9% are inclined to the price of $ 80,000, 5% are thinking about increasing the price to $ 100,000.

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