Frank-Walter Steinmeier elected President of Germany

By admin Feb 21, 2022

The Federal Assembly of Germany re-elected Frank-Walter Steinmeier as president of the country.

Steinmeier fought for re-election with Gerhard Trabert, a candidate from the left, Stephanie Gebauer, a conservative, and Max Otte, a candidate from the right-wing populist AdG.

The President of Germany is elected by the Federal Assembly, which meets only for this purpose. It consists of 736 deputies of the Bundestag and 736 people nominated by the parliaments of the federal states.

1,425 valid votes were cast.

As predicted, Steinmeier won without problems — he scored 73.33% of the vote.
Max Otto was supported by 9.82%, Trabert – 6.74% and Gebauer – 4.07%.

By admin

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