A portrait of a typical autotourist has been compiled

A portrait of a typical autotourist has been compiled

In the mind of the layman, a typical autotourist wears heavy cowboy boots and a hat (he travels through swamps and deserts), he has a long beard (there is nowhere to shave, because conditions do not allow), a brown tan (constantly under the sun) and, of course, he … always walks with a gun (you never know what). Such a picture could still correspond to reality 40 years ago somewhere in the Midwest, but today autotourists look completely different, since time has changed, and conditions in the auto journey have also undergone a number of changes (it has become quite optional to grow a beard).

What kind of domestic autotourist is he in 2022? Experts of the Association of Automotive Tourism decided to make a portrait of him.

It turned out that every third Russian regularly travels by car in Russia. As a rule, we are talking about gastronomic tours and nature reserves.

Experts interviewed about 1,500 people in 53 Russian regions.

Most of the fans of car travel permanently reside on the territory of the North-Western Federal District. A typical autotourist turned out to be a family man of 18-45 years old, holding the position of a qualified specialist, with incomes above average.

96% of such tourists go on trips with friends or family; 63% travel with children. 81% choose routes that they have already tried for trips.