The 38-year-old Englishman, whose musical opuses have repeatedly been included in the top 10 hits of the country, has recently been posting content far from show business on Instagram. Posing, for example, against the background of sheep, I wrote that this is the best.

Love is the goal

So on July 2, he signed a post on his account, taking pictures in the bathtub. Curiously, the water vessel was clearly not in the room. There was also a pet Labrador next to him, who accompanies the owner everywhere.

Apparently, Calvin is not one of those celebrities for whom nothing is more important than the glare of spotlights. Judging even by the Internet page, he was drawn to live in harmony with himself and nature for a long time. Therefore, it is not surprising that on January 29, a message appeared in the press about the relocation of a popular performer, producer and DJ to Ibiza. He bought the largest farm on the island. And organic.

In addition to the fact that vegetables are grown on rural lands, other products are produced, wine is made, various events are held here, including weddings.

Despite the fact that a special team has been hired, consisting of experienced gardeners, cooks, etc., the newly minted farmer himself, if necessary, intervenes in all processes without fear of getting his hands dirty.

This does not mean that the music is finished. The other day he pleased fans with the new single “Lonely”, created for 59-year-old American Maitreya and 47-year-old Italian Starr.

It seems that he manages to be realized in different fields. And all because he does everything with love.

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