In Ukraine, the European gas metering system will start operating in May 2022

From May 2022, gas bills will indicate not only m3, but also kWh. The new indicator will allow you to take into account the caloric content of fuel. To do this, consumers will not have to change meters.

Why do we need such calculations?

This innovation will allow the population to compare gas consumption in volumes with energy units and manage their own expenses more efficiently. Everyone will be able to decide for himself what it is profitable for him to heat his home – with gas or electricity, since the consumption will be carried out in a single energy unit (kWh).

In addition, the population will no longer have to pay extra money for low-quality coolant. The energy consumed will be taken into account, not the cubic meters spent. After all, more energy is obtained from higher-quality gas.

The transition to a new accounting system will simplify the import and export of fuel. This is one of the conditions put forward by the European Union within the framework of the association.

Ukraine buys gas in Europe in MWh, and then converts it into m3. But the caloric content of the gas is not constant, so the recalculation coefficient changes. This is where traders often suffer losses.

Who will make the calculations?

Regional gas companies will continue to calculate how much the consumer has to pay for gas. The calculation will be carried out according to a special formula: the consumed volume will be multiplied by the coefficient of heat of combustion for a given month, and the supplier’s price will be added to it.

Depending on the quality of the coolant, the heat coefficient will change. It all depends on where the gas is coming from.

All data will be entered in the billing. They can be viewed in the personal account of the consumer on the website of their regional gas.

How will this affect the cost of gas?

The new reform should not significantly affect the cost of gas for the population. But there are pitfalls here. Regional gas companies may exhibit a higher coefficient of calorific value than at present, and thereby affect the final cost of fuel.

Now in Ukraine, the average combustion index of 8229 kcal/m3 is used for calculations. But the new legislation will allow regional gas companies to take the highest coefficient of heat of combustion for calculations. And he is 20% above average.

As long as gas consumption is taken into account in m3, this indicator does not affect the price of the energy carrier. But when Ukrainians start paying for the energy consumed, their bills may increase by 20%.

Uniswap Labs in the spotlight of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission

Securities and Exchange Commission chief Gary Gensler said last month that DeFi products could be more regulated in the future.
In particular, tokenized shares can become fatal for many crypto exchanges without an appropriate license. Those responsible for Uniswap suspected this and therefore removed them from the decentralized exchange.

Regarding the SEC’s investigation, a Uniswap spokesperson said, “We strive to comply with laws and regulations by responding to all requests from the regulator.” However, the SEC itself did not comment on this statement in any way.

Uniswap Rate drops after reports of SEC investigation

The news also had a negative impact on the UNI rate. While most other cryptocurrencies are in the black, UNI dropped to $28.90 in just two hours. With a market capitalization of $14.8 billion, Uniswap remains the eleventh most valuable cryptocurrency on Chainlink with a gap of $800 million from its closest competitor – ranked 12th in the Litecoin crypto asset rating.

If the SEC is charged, the price could fall even further. Ripple’s XRP price dropped to $0.20 after the SEC indictment. Meanwhile, XRP was able to note partial success in litigation with the regulator and, of course, recover in terms of value.
This shows that the collapse of UNI may not happen, even with a lengthy investigation and indictment.

A list of the most popular destinations for traveling by rail in winter and spring has been compiled

Tutu online ticket sales service. has compiled a list of the most popular destinations among Russians by rail in the winter and spring of 2022. It turned out that trips between Moscow and St. Petersburg are in the greatest demand now.

Analysts of the service analyzed customer reservations and it turned out that most of the tickets for the period up to March 2022 were purchased from Moscow to St. Petersburg (25%). Also included in the rating were train trips from Moscow to Bryansk, Belgorod, Kazan and Nizhny Novgorod. In the spring of 2022, the number of people wishing to buy a train ticket from Moscow to Sochi and buy a ticket from Moscow to Kislovodsk has sharply increased. Sales of tours to Yaroslavl, Tver, Pskov and Petrozavodsk are going well.

Analysts of the service noted that the popularity of traveling by train is growing despite the much more expensive train tickets. So in January 2022, the average ticket receipt was 2,326 rubles (an increase of 14% over the year), in the spring of 2022 – 3,090 rubles (an increase of 12%).

“Омикрон” – далеко не последняя мутация коронавируса

В отличие от многих западных коллег, Александр Гинцбург, руководитель Центра им. Гамалеи, считает, что “омикрон” вряд ли положит конец пандемии коронавируса.

Он обладает способностью быстро распространяться. А чем больше носителей нового штамма, тем выше риск появления новых мутаций. Александр Гинцбург предполагает, что “омикрон” далеко не последняя разновидность вируса SARS-CoV-2.

По мнению ученого, для победы над коронавирусной инфекцией нужно вакцинировать не менее 75% россиян. И главную роль в этом сражении играет скорость, а не охват.

Академик отметил, что для непривитых граждан новый штамм также опасен, как и “дельта”. Большинство тех, кто сейчас попадает в больницы – это те, кто не посчитал нужным сделать прививку.

Ex-wife accused Anastasia Makeeva’s husband of non-payment of alimony

For a year now, Anastasia Makeeva has been happily married to Roman Malkov, whom she took away from her family. All this time, the scandalous love story stirred the hearts of numerous fans of the couple, but in the end the public’s interest in what was happening subsided.

And so, the attention of the audience was again attracted. In his social networks, Roman congratulated his youngest son on his birthday, but he did not attend the holiday – the businessman admitted that his ex-wife Svetlana does not allow him to communicate with his own children. Svetlana did not remain silent and declared Malkov’s debts – according to the woman, he practically does not pay alimony.

Roman Malkov himself claims that he has closed all debts for a long time, but fans do not believe it. A man spends almost all his free time in the company of his new wife, and he literally has no time to work, respectively, and he cannot have money to pay alimony.

Особенности онлайн гемблинга

Согласно статистическим данным, основная целевая аудитория онлайн казино – это мужчины в возрасте 35 лет. Данный факт, напрямую связанный с родом деятельности пользователей, которые имеют круглосуточный доступ к сети интернет. Также эксперты считают, что в казино играют пользователи с наличием высшего образования.

Специфика Fresh Casino

Онлайн казино Fresh Casino привлекает пользователей с разных стран из-за интерактивных игровых слотов. Также Fresh Casino официальный сайт отличается простотой и доступностью интерфейса. Поэтому делать ставки и принимать участие в карточных играх могут пользователи различного возраста. Для игроков функционирует круглосуточная техническая поддержка. Специалисты сервиса обеспечивают регулярные выплаты клиентам.

Преимущества онлайн казино

  • Конфиденциальность данных и надежность защиты персональных данных.
  • Возможность играть с различных регионов.
  • Широкий ассортимент игровых слотов.
  • Наличие качественной графики и оптимальной музыки.

Эксперты регулярно составляют прогнозы на вероятность выигрыша в определенных слотах. В последнее время, игроки посещают виртуальную игру, нежели мероприятия в наземных игровых заведениях.

Текст об азартных играх/игровых автоматах носит информационный характер, не имеет рекламного характера и не предназначен для сайта, деятельность которого запрещена законодательством.

What do the British care about the Ukrainian-Russian events?

British tabloids assure in unison that there are only a few days left before the clash of neighboring countries. Putin will certainly resort to provocation to then blame the Ukrainians.

To provoke the Russians

Heavyweight politicians aggressively echo political scientists of all stripes. Maps are also published, allegedly illustrating the significant approach of enemy troops to the Ukrainian borders. Saboteurs have been deployed to the territory of the state, who will arrange provocative skirmishes. In order to cover their tracks, the landing party will not operate under the Russian flag.

On January 13, a plane equipped with listening devices flew over the southern coast. Although the Kremlin rejects this flight, the newspapermen are sure that it was.

On the 14th, state websites were attacked by hackers. They also left messages designed to intimidate the authorities of the country. Experts, of course, appointed Russians to the role of hackers.

In social networks, pro-Kremlin specialists are doing preparatory work, false information is being thrown in in order to create the image of Ukraine as an aggressor country. That is, the basis for justifying intervention is clearly being formed.

By the way, not only the British operate with the same facts. They are voiced by both Americans and Europeans. This cannot but cause alarm among ordinary people. Analyzing the opuses of analysts and politicians, they come to different conclusions.

So, some readers of the Daily Mail insist that it is time to postpone the wars. Others doubt that they will win if they intervene in the battle, reproach the government for the unprecedented reduction of the army.

Loners revel in the pictures of future battles, they urge them to get into a fight. However, while sitting at the computer.

Still others do not want to get involved in anything like this at all. Enough of what happened after Afghanistan and Iraq. England will not survive a new influx of refugees.

Yes, many people understand that an explosive situation is being created in the world. But not everyone blames Moscow for everything. They even laugh at, for example, how quickly the intelligence got into the media.

Why would the Russian Federation not use Western patterns to achieve its plans? Or maybe this does not require a military special scenario at all? One button is enough to stop the general madness forever.

Появилась Toyota Highlander с новыми функциями

Toyota Highlander представила обновленную модель, несмотря на то, что третье поколение продается в России всего один год. Японцы решили не менять внешний вид автомобиля, а добавить технические функции в виде специального сервиса под названием Toyota Connected Services.

Этот комплекс позволяет использовать функции, связанные с записью для прохождения технического обслуживания, определения заряда аккумулятора, просмотра маршрута и другие удобства, которые помогают при пользовании автомобилем на удаленном расстоянии.

Бортовые системы подключаются к мобильному интернету и работают с оплатой трафика. 10 гб уже включены в стоимость.

В дополнении к новой функции на Highlander появился новый цвет – белый перламутр и электропривод переднего кресла.

Предлагается две комплектации автомобиля: престиж и люкс Safety. Стоимость первой составляет 4 млн. 154 тыс. руб, второй-4 млн 746 тыс. руб.