The Express edition interviewed tourists and compiled a list of items that are not recommended to take with you on a cruise, because there is too great a chance that they will be stolen.

Jewelry is most often stolen. Seasoned tourists will confirm: cruise liners have certain places where they always stop, and thieves literally ambush them.

All jewelry and valuables are recommended to be stored in a safe, and the worst place for them is a suitcase, from where, in fact, most thefts occur.

It is better not to take expensive wedding rings with you at all, the publication writes. In extreme cases, you can use spare ones with you on trips.

Special care should be taken on shore: do not take jewelry, gold watches and large amounts of cash with you. Experts remind you that bracelets on your hand and jewelry can give you a tourist, which will attract the attention of pickpockets. It is better to do everything to be no different from an ordinary local resident.

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