Ex-wife accused Anastasia Makeeva’s husband of non-payment of alimony

For a year now, Anastasia Makeeva has been happily married to Roman Malkov, whom she took away from her family. All this time, the scandalous love story stirred the hearts of numerous fans of the couple, but in the end the public’s interest in what was happening subsided.

And so, the attention of the audience was again attracted. In his social networks, Roman congratulated his youngest son on his birthday, but he did not attend the holiday – the businessman admitted that his ex-wife Svetlana does not allow him to communicate with his own children. Svetlana did not remain silent and declared Malkov’s debts – according to the woman, he practically does not pay alimony.

Roman Malkov himself claims that he has closed all debts for a long time, but fans do not believe it. A man spends almost all his free time in the company of his new wife, and he literally has no time to work, respectively, and he cannot have money to pay alimony.